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Wrist Temperature Measurement System

Wrist Integrated Temperature Screening – EAGLE 501 is a COVID-19 response system with large storage capacity, integrated with face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology. The digital temperature detector sensor supports rapid body temperature detection. Thus, the product can achieve facial recognition and temperature detection at the same time, and support warning people with abnormal body temperature.

Walk Through Temperature Detector

The Walk Through Temperature Detector provides detection of above normal body temperatures by comparing people’s skin temperatures against a normal body temperature. it is designed with advanced detection ability to pinpoint targets in 6 detection zones.

Temperature Face Time Attendance System

Face Time Attendance Temperature Measurement System is a 4.3 inch HD Touch Screen system which uses infrared intelligent identification, to only recognize true human faces designed with a strongly adaptability to the environment. The system is built with a staff payroll management to track staffs salary payment.

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This barrier system is the world's most
commonly used equipment for containing riots
and controlling crowds non-aggressively. The
system is designed to provide rapid protection;
thousands of meters of non-aggressive tangle
barrier can be deployed at high-speed to
provide immediate protection

Eagle Fireball

The Eagle Fire Extinguisher Ball is an
innovative, self-activating anti-fire technology
that extinguishes fire within any physical assets
hehween 3-4 caconds


WIFI AI Alarm Camera

WIFI AI Alarm Camera offers a much faster image processing over the analogue CCTV cameras as well as intelligent analysis; they provide security footage from any smart device that is internet enabled from any location.
This is great because the provide an effective monitoring of small to medium sized rooms and buildings as they tends to get better image resolution when zooming into objects that are far away. Some of the advantages includes easy remote access, easy installation and less wiring.

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