We are Equipped with the Faces and Facilities in curbing challenges in the Maritime industry

We provide consultancy services in the nation, majorly in Oil & Gas and Maritime, our  company and its partners and associates, in addition to their local client base, have serviced clients as far afield as the Far East and in many countries on the African Continent in Europe and the Middle East. We are geared towards providing specialist marine consultancy services to the international maritime community and emerging countries within Africa and Australasia. 

Being an African based company, Eagle Sweep Nigeria Limited is in touch with the developing needs particularly of the African Continent and Emerging economy needs. Its knowledgeable and dedicated staffs have had extensive experience in dealing with maritime bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities ([ALA). 

Contact with these organizations has been through involvement at Committee and Council level and in maritime projects aimed at finding sustainable solutions to problems in emerging maritime states and in particular in Africa. 

We have cultivated and developed enough business savvy in the maritime industry and actively participated in all sectors of this ever-growing economic nexus in Africa’s biggest economy.

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