Private Security Guards

Eagle Sweep possesses the professional capacity, robustly, trained, kitted and motivated security guards ready to handle the security requirements of your business complex. Our private security guards service is unique for its in-depth recruitment, screening and training that span through specialized categories such as:

  • Conventional security and static security guard service(unarmed).
  • Access Control.
  • Security surveys
  • Security receptionist.


The following are some of the attributes that stand out Eagle Sweep from other competitors in the private security industry:

Our guards are adequately and periodically trained to meet up with local and global emerging trends in detecting and preventing crime. Also, our guards are extensively vetted through the use of bio-metric capturing of personal information, guarantors’ background investigations.

We conduct periodic security survey on all our areas of responsibility to determine threats and other associated security risks, and proffer durable recommendations.

We are equipped with up-to-date Fire Emergency Procedure(FEP) and can effectively manage a fire outbreak before the arrival of fire-response agencies.

We have established strategic partnerships with
reputable global firms and organizations with proven International
certifications and best practices to ensure that our clients have access to
the best quality products and services at a reasonable cost..

Eagle sweep security has the much needed liaison with other security and government agencies namely: The Nigerian Police Force, The Nigerian Army, The Nigerian Air force, The Nigerian Navy, Federal Fire Services, National Emergency Management agency(NEMA).